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Tracks tagged Hard Dance

Toni Poky - FTW (TPS Records)

FTW (10:23)

Release date: 28.10.2014

Total Controle - The Phoenix - 1ne Of A Kind Angry Bird Mix (1ne Music)

The Phoenix - 1ne Of A Kind Angry Bird Mix (4:45)

Release date: 17.08.2014

Tribute Vocals - Ill Never Be (DNZ Records)

Ill Never Be (6:05)

Release date: 21.03.2017

Tribute Vocals - In Heaven (DNZ Records)

In Heaven (5:45)

Release date: 29.05.2015

Tribute Vocals - Into The Night (DNZ Records)

Into The Night (5:44)

Release date: 15.10.2016

Tribute Vocals - Lay All Your Love On Me (DNZ Records)

Lay All Your Love On Me (6:23)

Release date: 02.08.2016

Tribute Vocals - Little Bird (DNZ Records)

Little Bird (7:26)

Release date: 17.09.2013

Tribute Vocals - Little Lies (DNZ Records)

Little Lies (5:49)

Release date: 28.01.2017

Tribute Vocals - Loveshy (DNZ Records)

Loveshy (6:10)

Release date: 05.08.2015

Tribute Vocals - Material Girl (DNZ Records)

Material Girl (5:33)

Release date: 18.12.2016