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Tracks tagged Hard Trance

Rob Cain - Its A Dream (PANG!)

Its A Dream (3:54)

Release date: 14.05.2012

Rob Cain & John Neal - Taste the Rainbow (John Neal Mix) (Cheeky Tracks)

Taste the Rainbow (John Neal Mix) (6:28)

Release date: 15.08.2012

Sergio Caubal Meets Fatima C - Need To Know (DNZ Records)

Need To Know (7:31)

Release date: 20.10.2016

Sound Makers - Orient express (gyspy progressive remix) (Sound Makers Records)

Orient express (gyspy progressive remix) (6:51)

Release date: 19.02.2012

Sound Makers - Paris-Madrid (original mix) (Sound Makers Records)

Paris-Madrid (original mix) (7:13)

Release date: 19.02.2012

Stephan Van Huysen & Debbie de Groot - Promises (DNZ Records)

Promises (7:10)

Release date: 24.11.2013

T Jay Feat. Adele - Spell On Me - Dj Oskar Remix (DNZ Records)

Spell On Me - Dj Oskar Remix (5:40)

Release date: 25.05.2016

The Dead Man - Axel F (DNZ Records)

Axel F (5:06)

Release date: 23.03.2017

The Dead Man - Emotions (DNZ Records)

Emotions (6:04)

Release date: 18.12.2016